ShadowChat is a free Peer to Peer Instant Messaging client which encrypts your communications to prevent spying

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MD5 : 74626bb086128314e58121c48bb692f8

SHA1 : 3971cda3558f2857fd014f90b5c1461c04ff6afe

SHA256 : 6032b0c33d28db713cbbb63762976f7460db8cd0d4ba71314fd1085242071b5f


- Fixed the bug that would reset some settings after updating
- Fixed a huge security flaw, when using a proxy DNS queries will now be done through the proxy
- Fixed a bug that would duplicate blocked IP addresses in the block list

- (New) You can now create a Tor Hidden Service for ShadowChat and connect to .onion domains with Tor
- (New) RC4 encryption was replaced with AES for a better security
- The block list can now resolve domain names
- Updated the about page


- Fixed a bug with the proxy settings showing errors


- Right clicking on a contact will now select it
- Added support for SOCKS5 proxies
- Small bug fixes and improvements
- Fixed the bug that corrupted the blocklist when changing passwords


- Small improvements on the updater
- The contacts can now be edited (right click on a contact to work with it)
- Improvements on the server's stability
- Fixed a major bug concerning the encryption algorithms used between server and clients


- (New)(WIP) You can use Tor to connect to other servers
- (New) IP filtering
- Small bug fixes and improvements (contacts and chat)
- Security improvements


- Small improvements
- Fixed a bug concerning the Windows EFS which crashed the software


- Small bug fixes and improvements
- The updater can be disabled


- (Fixed) ShadowChat doesn't run at startup like it should


- (New) Firewall used to filter incoming connections
- (New) Update the software automatically
- Security has been improved
- The chat window has been redesigned
- Lots of bug fixes

- (New) Contact list
- Small improvements

- Small improvements and bug fixes
- The uninstaller now cleans up every trace of the program
- The log file can be cleared
- (New) You can now choose between three encryption algorithms (DXE-1, RC4 and DES)

- The program will now run at startup without the wrong working directory
- Small improvements