AdsFix 4_18.01.17.4

AdsFix, made by g3n-h@ckm@n, is a tool coded at the begining, to disinfect the shortcuts which are infected by certified-search-toolbar, 22Find, awesomehp, nation-zoom and others.

In AdsFix in the lasts versions, is added the destruction of almost all the adwares, hijackers, and other browser infections, deletion of files/folders, registry, allows in the firewall , and reset browsers' homepages ( Internet Explorer, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Dragon, Pale Moon, Seamonkey, Spark (Baidu), Yandex, Opera ).

25.10.22016 Spybot included , big shit
22.07.2016 : Beug deleting nvidia and Epson Folder in AppDataCommon and LocalAppData fixed
01.07.2016 : More speed scan
16.04.2016 : Beug Edge Fixed , Beug Applications Fixes
More speed scan
26.02.2016 : more speed scan
24.02.2016 : Compatibility for Windows 10 recovered
05.10.2015 : "Reset Hosts" button added in the options
14.09.2015 : Automatic clean of dnsapi.dll
deep MD5 search in aleatory folders
Automatic winsock reset
And more..... ^^
05.08.2015 : Services restoration added for win 10