Win.Privacy. What is it?

Microsoft released its new OS (Operating System). Windows 10. Almost every review regarding Windows 10, points out how perfect it is and deems it a next generation OS. We can't disagree that Windows 10 is actually a really efficient and a modern operating system. However, behind "the stage" it hides some secrets that the majority of the users cannot perceive.

To be more precise, Microsoft is "spying" on you. Everything you search or say(by using cortana) is being transfered to Microsoft. Which means that Microsoft has access to your computer at any time and of course it has access to see everything you do.

I should finally get to the point. I decided to create a tiny tool that actually blocks a decent amount of windows services which collect information about you. I am not going to assure you that after using my tool Microsoft won't have access to your personal data, since that would be a lie. However, I will try to develop Win.Privacy as much as I can and collect more and more Windows services that might be spying on you.


How to use Win.Privacy?

Win.Privacy's user interface is actually very simple and easy to use. The user only has to click one button to block the Windows services. After that, the user can click the button called "Open hosts File" to open the hosts file in order to check out the work that has been done by the program.

Here's a list of these 4 actions.

  • Click "Fix Privacy Issues" button.
  • Wait until it's done (Win.Privacy will write the hosts file. It won't take long).
  • Click "Open hosts File" button to open the hosts file to inspect changes made. (Optional)
  • Done! That's all.


More Options Available.

  • Disable Windows Update Service.
  • Disable Location.
  • Disable Hibernate.
  • Set Diagnostic and Usage Data to "basic".
  • Block Windows Telemtry IPs. [With Windows Firewall]
  • Disable Cortana.
  • Disable Windows Error Reporting.
8/17/2016 - Initial Release. [ Beta v1.0.0.0 ]

8/18/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.1 ]

Bug Fixes.
Added more windows services to our blocking list.

8/19/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.2 ]

More Bug Fixes.
A System Restore Point will automatically be created by the program.

8/20/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.3 ]

More Bug Fixes.
Added more windows services that can be blocked.
You can now undo some the of actions made.

9/2/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.4 ]

Bug Fixes.
Updated Telemetry blocking list.

9/4/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.5 ]

Minor UI (User Interface) changes.
Updated Telemetry blocking list.

9/8/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.6 ]

Bug Fixes.
Yeah that's all. Sorry.

9/18/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.7 ]

You can now block Windows Telemetry IPs.

9/24/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.8 ]

Minor bug fixes.
Extra Tools were added.

10/19/2016 - Update Released. [ Beta v1.0.0.9 ]

Bug fixes.
Added some pop-up notes on buttons in order to inform the user and prevent unwanted actions.

12/28/2016 - Update Released. [ Version ]

Slight UI (User Interface) changes.
Fixed some Labels.
Minor bug fixes.