Force Byte Detector is an anti-adware application that automatically update signature database everytime it is launched!

This application can remove unwanted files,folders,registry keys,values,services,task files,processes and loaded dlls. After the scan the program will also detect and clean infected browser shortcuts on the machine. (also the temp folder will be cleaned) Before scanning it will ask you to close all webbrowsers. After that you can proceed and the scan can begin. When the scan is completed you can click on the Log button to view the log file and see the scan results.

The application will be updated automatically during the startup. When there is no internet connection it will use its own last downloaded database (if available). When Force Byte Detector is installed and executed it will open an webpage ( This will only happen during the startup of the application. This is because since the program is free we will collect small amount of money during the display of the app to improve our product. You can close the add without any problem.



Force Byte Detection: is an non-ui application which operates in the background. The detection module automatically scans for theats in the background. This module needs to be enabled to make it work.  

Startup control: With this module you will be able to view startup items,keys and task files. Here you can find and delete them manually.

Quarantine control: The files/folders which are removed will be stored there. Incase you want to recover a removed file or folder.

Whitelist control: With this module you can whitelist files/folders to prevent them from being deleted or detected.


Flagcounter: With this you can stop all dlls loaded in the system. (needs system reboot to take effect)

DLL unload: With this you can manually unload a dll from the system.  


Please notice before downloading:

The program Force Byte Detector is free to use and will detect & remove automatically unwanted items during the scan.


License agreement:

The use of Force Byte Detector is subjected to the following additional terms and conditions:

The software is licensed for your private use only which mean:

you may not copy, modify,sell,distribute, disseminate ,transmit,reverse engineer,decompile,disassemble the software

or disclose the software.


Final note:

You need to understand that this application is very powerful we will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by the software.



We do not collect any kind of data from the computer and we will never do :)


Supported for:

Windows (XP not tested) Vista,7,8,8.1,10


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By FBDforcebyte
Created on 09 February 2016
Last update 05 October 2016
Category Anti adware
Operating system Windows