Adferno is an desktop application for windows designed to block unwanted websites from loading.
This is done by blacklisting unwanted websites with the power of the cloud.

People over the world can block websites and blacklist of unwanted websites will be bigger over time.
Websites can be blacklisted by blocking them. The blacklist and safe-list where the website will be verified to block
will be updated during time. Also these lists are monitored against abuse


What is Adferno?

Adferno is an application which is designed to block unwanted websites so that you can browse safely on the internet. Adferno will block automatically in the background once the protection has been enabled!

Is Adferno free for use?

Yes Adferno is free for use you have to accept the terms of use if you want to use this service.

How does it work and what does it do?

Adferno stops unwanted websites from being loaded. If you encounter an error that a webpage cannot be loaded it might be that Adferno prevented it from loading. This happens because Adferno is using the Windows Firewall to block outgoing connections

How to block an website?

To block a website enter the url of the website or copy the url inside the block bar. When you click on block the selected website is flagged as unwanted website and will be put on the urlblacklist. However the blacklist is monitored incase of abusing the system. Also the websites that will be added need to pass trough an safe-list filter. This filter will be updated from time to time.

What if a website is blocked and I want to acces it ?

In this case you can do two things. 1. Register and add the website in your own whitelist. Or 2. deactivate Adferno.

Why do appear when I launch the application ?

When Adferno is launched it will display an advertisement during startup. This is because since the program is free we will collect the small amount of money made by the advertisement to further improve our application!

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Created on 04 September 2017
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