If it is the first time you use MSC apps, please follow these procedures to create a new user: Download the latest version at the [MSC download page](https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/828-meeting-schedule-creator/). Install the file you have downloaded. Open the **Meeting Schedule Creator** shortcut on your desktop or in the applications list. The following window will open: ![](http://rhahao.000webhostapp.com/images/msc_exe_firstrun.png) In the **CIRCUIT OVERSEER** group, set the circuit overseer **name** and **display name**. The **Display Name** field is populated automatically when you type in Name field. This display name will be used in the meeting template. In the **LOGIN INFORMATIONS** group, create a new **username** and **password**. Do not forget to retype your password for verification. In the **MEETING SCHEDULE CREATOR OPTIONS** group: * Tick the **Check update on start** if you want to check update every time you open the apps. * Fill the **Congregation** and **Number** text box * Choose **Material Language**. This is the language the apps will use when displaying source material for each week * Set at what time your midweek start in **Hour** field. Set the **Number of class** according to your congregation settings. Choose the **template** you want to use when exporting schedule to Word document. * Set the **Day** of your weekend meeting and choose the **template** you want to use when exporting schedule to Word document. Press **SAVE** and the following confirmation message will appear if the new user has been created successfully: ![](http://rhahao.000webhostapp.com/images/msc_exe_newuser_ok.png) Then click **OK**.