A new member of adwcleaner. Just want to say hello everyone. This forum looks quite inactive. Don't know why! But, I am going to write a review about toilets. What is the best toilet? How to find the best toilets for the money? You may find your question answer here Best Toilets 2019 List [Most Popular 15 Toilet Reviews by Plumbers]. But, I will explain more about this below.

I am going to explain everything that you need to know about toilets. Nowadays, you will find lots of toilet according to their brands and colors. Most of the toilet manufacture are concentrating only on quality over quantity. They are trying to improve their toilet performance. Lots of toilets use 1.60 GPF, which is not allowed lots of states. You should look at a toilet which uses 1.28 GPF or less water.  These are the best toilet for water saving.

A round toilet is a good option for a small toilet. But, if you have enough space, then I will recommend buying an elongated toilet. Because elongated toilets are more user friendly and comfortable to use. Also, these toilets are ADA-compliant, and the size is bigger than the round toilet.

You may be confused between one piece toilet and two piece toilet. One-Piece toilets are easy to install and you can do that without any plumber. On the other hand two-piece toilet come as two piece and you need to set up them manually. If you are not an expert, then you have to call a plumber to do that.

There are lots of toilet brands. Thus, it is very difficult to select a toilet brand. But, most popular toilet brands are Toto, Kohler and American Standard. You can buy any of these brands. My personal choice is Toto. Although, their price is high, but you will get a high-quality product from the Toto brand. I know it is not easy to find the best toilet at a budget price. I hope this toilet review will help you lot to find the top quality toilet that you are searching for.

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