What are the types of compact size flushing toilets that are ideal for small bathrooms?

Choosing the right water closet will save you space & still offer good aesthetics. And most of all, it’s comfortable to use for the whole family. Whatever small bathroom ideas you may have, the size & range of the toilet types out there will amaze you. And you will have no problem finding a matching one that goes well with your bathroom design. Read more about flushing toilet: https://bestflushingtoilets.org/

But first, you need to determine the available space allowed for the best flushing toilet. This is crucial if you don’t want your bathroom to look awkward with a closet model that is too big for the small bathroom space.

So what are the best space-saving toilets out there that will fit your budget as well as your tiny bathroom? Let’s explore them all in this article.

Which is why the minimum space requirement is so important. You will have to work it out before shopping for the right size commode.

Minimum Space Rule For Toilets The main dimensions are the Width and Depth (front to back). As these will determine the size of the flushing toilet that is suitable for the space area.

Unless you plan to install under the stairs or some loft space with a low height. Then be sure to position the flushing toilet where you have decent spacing above your head when you stand up. Otherwise please scrap the idea of having a water closet in that space. It’s just not good for safety reasons and unhealthy as well. The height is usually less of a concern as the minimum ceiling to floor is 81″ (or 6.7 ft) in most building codes. This is more than enough vertical room for any flushing toilet.

But let’s not dwell too much into the minimum space rule here & lose sight of the main subject.

While the size of the best flushing toilet is important, there are features you may also want to consider. Such as Comfort Height, ADA Compliant, and Water Saving. These features are also available in compact toilets.

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