Tricks to create Yahoo Email backup with any third party utility?

Re: utility for taking yahoo backup

Even I don't know the utility to backup the yahoo data. But googling it would be enough.

Edit 1: I googled and found out that Yahoo is not the right choice if you want to backup your data to Cloud. Yahoo has had around 15% downtime recently.

I would advise you to visit this Office 365 plan, that is, Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. It offers cloud storage so that you can back up your data to the cloud. It offers office utility tools as well.

Re: utility for taking yahoo backup

If you use a third-party email program (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) you can retrieve all of your messages in that, and save them locally on your machine. Yahoo! mail used to have an archive feature, but that was disabled about ten years ago. Just know that the format of your messages will not make them easy to read without using a mail program - in the case of Thunderbird, each ‘folder’ (such as the inbox) is saved as a single file, with all of the messages running together. The file CAN be read with a text reader, however.