I own a small event management firm. There are less than 20 people at my firm.

We are deciding to use Office 365 for our emails and Office productivity suite.

Should I go for Office 365 Business Essentials plan?

Would ADWCleaner affect the working of Office 365 in a compromising way?

We will be using it for making presentations for our clients and internal communication.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Should I use Office 365?

Office 365 is a huge collaboration platform whose purpose is to empower users to be more productive. There are many advantages in using it for collaboration like mobility, collaboration with external users of your organization in a simple way, real time co-authoring, offline access to information and much much more. 

Re: Should I use Office 365?

Office 365 comes in 3 pricing plans - Home, Business, and Enterprise. The Home version caters to personal users. Whereas, the Business and the Enterprise plans cater to SMBs and large enterprises. As per your requirements, I would suggest you go with the Office 365 Business Premium Plan. It includes the basic Office productivity suite - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. Along with that, it also offers Exchange server that will fulfill your emailing requirements.

Office 365 can easily be used along with any third-party applications. Still, your requirement of making presentations for clients can be done efficiently with MS PowerPoint, and internal communication by MS Teams. Here is a detailed comparison of all the plans to help you make a better decision - https://www.acecloudhosting.com/office-365/