All the screens, whether on smartphones or computers, resemble numerous pixels to display high-quality images. These small pixels contribute to creating a picture, presentation, or another task. The larger the pixels, the greater the standard of your image or display, and thus it should be maintained with care. 

 Sometimes, users face various issues with reference to screen orientation and display quality. In some cases, the display pixels become dead or stuck while performing a crucial task. If you're facing an identical issue, then here is how you'll fix it: 

Stuck and Dead Display Pixels 

First and foremost, it's recommended to see which issue is flashing on your desktop or smartphone screen: stuck pixel or dead display pixels. just in case you see that there are only a couple of of the sub-pixels are in active mode, and therefore the remainder of them are disabled, then it’s the difficulty associated with stuck pixels. When the whole set of pixels and sub-pixels are disabled, then it means all the display pixels are dead.


There are various fixing methods you ought to try once before taking the assistance of an expert or technician to exchange your device’s screen.

 Follow these instructions if you would like to troubleshoot Pixel Stuck or dead display pixels easily and smoothly: 

Using Web-based JScreenFix Tool 

This solution is often accessed on any platform, be it macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows systems. It doesn’t need any download to repair the difficulty because it may be a totally web-based program. 

  • First and foremost, launch any of the well-liked browsers and visit the house screen of “JScreenFix.” 
  • Now, hold then drag the noise window to the situation where the dead and stuck screen pixel is situated. 
  • Next, wait a short time for the tool to work in the affected area. Hold it there for about half an hour. 
  • To use this tool, you've got to put in the appliance on your device as a primary step.
  •  Then, make the color box to seem on your screen with the Settings menu. 
  • Now, drag or click the color box to the affected area and manage the relevant operations for using the tool. Place the color box on the world where the stuck pixel is situated.
  • Next, hit the tab, “Start Flashing.” 
  • It is recommended to flash multiple colors repeatedly to repair the difficulty completely. 



JScreenFix repairs most of the pixel issues in only ten minutes, but it's recommended to stay it more overtime to form it work properly. just in case the primary attempt wasn't processed successfully, then use it again and again. It uses both the formats of troubleshooting: JavaScript and HTML5. 


Now, reboot the device and make sure the difficulty is resolved. If not, then follow the subsequent mentioned methods. 

Using PixelHealer on Windows Desktop 

It is also a strong tool that's developed by Aurelitec and made, especially for repairing stuck pixels. This tool works compatibly on Windows ranging back from Windows 10 to Windows 7. 

 Note: don't look directly at the flashing colors as these are such bright colors and might affect your eyes. 

In case you're unable to spot the affected or dead pixels, then it's recommended to use the appliance “InjuredPixels.” It’s a pixel detector tool that permits you to check your display and points out the affected area. It blanks out the display with various colors. Then, the corrupted or stuck pixels will appear on the screen against the fine pixels. 

Using “Dead Pixels Test and Fix” Tool

 This application is liberal to use tool that helps you to troubleshoot and overcome from the dead and stuck pixel graphics. because it is mentioned as self-explanatory, this tool fixes dead pixels very smoothly on your android device by detecting the affected area first then fixes them thoroughly. This tool fixes the difficulty by flashing a group of color bands and noise during a given set of commands under a stipulated time. it's recommended to go away for a few hours to perform it completely. 

Note: The DPTF tool might consume much power of your device, so confirm to possess the battery charged fully before proceeding.


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