Universities are the backbone of the country. Because it produces intellectual and skilled individuals of the future, they play as a refinery which purifies the student and remove toxic elements from its personality. Universities take assistance from technology to produce efficient students. But, the ratio of usage of technology in universities can differ according to status.

1. Evaluation of faculty

Technology is used to get feedback from faculty in universities. You can give your opinion about their performance to inform the administration.

2. Usage of technology in the classroom

The percentage f the utilisation of technology can differ due to different teaching methodology in universities. You can get authentic data from essay writing services AU as well in this regard.

3. Electronic publications and journals

Universities use technology for marketing purpose through an electronic medium. They publish electronic journals and blogs to promote their rank.

4. Effects of virtual classroom

Technology assists those who cannot take physical classes. Technology offers education to all over the world through the virtual platform at the university level.

5. Distance learning

You can get higher degrees from distance learning platform as well through technology.

6. Assignment, projects and presentations

Online assignments, projects and presentations inculcate relevant skills in university students to brighten professional career.