The case of Derek Shawin, 44, a white policeman with a knee, pressed his neck. George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man for over 8 minutes, while arrested for using a fake $ 20 banknote to buy a cigarette in Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25 triggered a massive protest in nearly 80 cities across the United States. Many cities have rioters, burned, pillaged stores. Until the curfew was announced in more than 40 cities, the protests erupted in many countries. While Cheawin and three other police officers were fired, Cheawin was also charged with manslaughter. But the protests have been prolonged for 9 days.

Most recently, the June 3 Minnesota State Attorney increased Chowin's charges as a charge of intentional murder, but was not premeditated. The sentence is up to 40 years, up to 15 years more than the original charge. The other 3 police are charged with helping and supporting the murder of others intentionally but without first thought. Which has a prison sentence of up to 40 years as well


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