<- This is an error video. I recorded my computer.

Installation is not possible. In addition..

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.329] (c) 2020 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows 10 Insider 10 64bit home Vaccine program avast free, tinywall


File: adwcleaner_8.0.5.exe CRC-32: f2c88ea9   

MD4: 9ba9fafbbb225445f9d77075a1150f3a   

MD5: 84461fc05f27723f68779c18329dfb0c  

SHA-1: eee78ff3d7dc01fd4091d87ee58bc08f07fa4bb1

(It was difficult to install)

Also... I installed it, but... It does not run.

Thank you.

The log file was sent.(malwarebytes)


Additional Comments 64bit 32bit..

run.. 32bit executed.. Automatic .(Execution failed)


Sorry to use Google Translator.