first I wanna to say this tool is not good for The following reasons.

as I just scan your tool with it is turns out that your tool is a Trojan and ?! so I can not say anything other then your tool is scanning the system very slowly and it taked up too much ram and the scan never done ! also your tool it is created Several processes in the Task Manager which make the screen/others software’s to flushd out ! Not to mention that it can not close the program or even stop the scan? In the meantime, I had to kill those 2 processes and then to kill your tool ....

Norton scanner also is flagged your tool as malware but you’ll not see it in

Re: Adsfix is not a good tool


reading that makes me understant that you'd never understand the use of an antivirus

almost each tool is detected like malware by virus total, and the only antiviruses which detect tools like viruses are bad antiviruses ( if you look kaspersky , malwarebytes or others bests antiviruses , they don't detect it )

before writing anything, trying to think please.

the tool scans the system as he can, and it's recommanded to deactivate protections using it

you perhaps didn't follow the instructions for the use

for All non vital cutted processes , it's written in the tooltip of the button 'clean'

And to finish , if you're not happy about using adsfix you can use another.

it's useless to post that you're not happy and If there's no particular bug.

And I know very well that 2 processes are created , I 've never hide anything like this , you didn't make a real discover :)

and it takes no more than 30 Mb of RAM , you are confusing RAM and processor , that shows me you don't understand anything on a machine