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One more step towards our beautiful community !

Since the beginning we think that developers and users constitute a huge community, but in which it's not always easy to communicate.

So, as it was for the blog we are opening a new section of the website dedicated to discuss efficiently : you face an unresolvable issue with your computer or with a software ? There is certainly someone to help you. You are developer and you need to ask you users to test your next release of your program ? It's the right place to ask !

AdwCleaner v5.000

AdwCleaner v5.000 - CLI and debug module

About the downtime of yesterday evening

There has been an hour-downtime yesterday evening (07/02/15). For transparency reasons, here some explanations about what caused the outage.

Stop abusives practices.

Seeing practices which appear to be quite common on several mainstream hosting platforms, it seems important to us to distinguish and to recall our values which motivate us for ToolsLib.

AdwCleaner v4.206 : news

The new AdwCleaner release 4.206 has been published at the beginning of this week. It brings some improvements and bugfixes.