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We are making good progresses on the command-line release for AdwCleaner, and we think they are interesting enough to share them.

AdwCleaner v6.020 has been published a few minutes ago. It brings a few interesting changes, optimizations bugfixes and detections.

I have been warned about a potentially malicious website which was distributing AdwCleaner in a archive, along with other software. I was quite intrigued so I decided to take a look.

AdwCleaner v6.010 has been published a few minutes ago. It's mostly a maintenance release, with a lot of improvements in stability and translations since the v6.000.

Some of you might have noticed the arrival of distinct avatars on a few messages on our forum. That's right, you're not missing something here, we've implemented a new little feature that let's you choose between a hundred of specific avatars.