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Password management

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GMER log Parser 4.52 - 12.11.2016

GMER parser is auto analyzer of logs that is created by using GMER tool. It allows to analyze and create a cure script. Currently Parser is able to...

Win10586PESE-x86 16.07.07

Windows Recovery Tools - Bootable PE Rescue Disk 32Bit ISO

Created a Custom Windows 10 Recovery Tools and Bootable PE Rescue Disk in ISO format.


Win10586PESE-x64 16.07.07

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Windows Recovery Tools - Bootable PE Rescue Disk 64Bit ISO

Created a Custom Windows 10 Recovery Tools and Bootable PE Rescue Disk in ISO format.


Extract MS ESD Product Links 16.06.13

Extracts Product Download Links From Products.xml File

DEWI 17.01.14

Dewi supports Drag & Drop Wim to ESD & ESD to Wim File Conversion, ESD Decryption and ISO Creation




Modify WinPESE 17.01.25

Modify (Update) the current WinPESE and Create New WinPESE.ISO

Image Prep 17.01.14

Image Prep is designed to prepare windows images for deployment within Windows PE-RE

Supports standard windows image deployment and windows 8.1 wi...


TNTCrypter is a free professional tool for hashing and encrypting your files!

Do you need extra security? Then this is the right tool for you! 


SSS - Script Security Software 2.0

Logiciel encore en cours de developpement,

Juste publié sur le site à des fins de test.

Force Block 1.400

Welcome to Force Block

This application is designed to protect the user against unwanted /adware websites. With this application you can enable or...

WinsockAnalyzer 1.001

WinsockAnalyzer is a tool designed to diagnose internet problems related to Winsock configuration.

ToolsDiag .

ToolsDiag allows to edit a report on the state of security of your PC.

Other functions

  • The management of the file hosts :
  • The management of the p...

ProcessClose 2_08.01.17.1

ProcessClose is a tool like Rkill , it cuts each process not needed by windows to work one time launched , and allows to navigate in the computer o...

LoadTool 7.0.0

LoadTool est un outil qui permet aux helpers ou personnes ayant un ordinateur infecté de retrouver très facilement, regroupés en un même endroit, l...

UnZAcMe 1_06.08.2015.1

UnZAcMe ( UnZeroAccessMe ) est un outil estampillé SOSVirus developpé par g3n-h@ckm@n pour détruire l'infection zéroaccess et réparer les dégats ca...