• · UnHackMe 9.70

    Improved compatibility with Windows 10 (Controlled Folder Access).
  • · UnHackMe 9.60

    Improved compatibility with Windows 10 (1709). Speeding up scanning for malware. Fixed: CHROMESEARCH.INFO.HIJACK, AlphaShoppers.Adware, DreamCompress.Adware, WebMine.ConiMiner, PUP.Proxycheck.

  • · UnHackMe 9.50

    1. New feature: "Unblock Antivirus".
      It restores working of antivirus, blocked by Certlock Trojan.
    3. Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • · UnHackMe 9.40

    New feature to Network Shield: Personal Website Blocklist. Need to block annoying site? Add it to your blocklist. Also, you can exclude site added by error using Network Shield Exclusion list. Fixed: ADWARE.CHROMESEARCH-TODAY, PUP.ALPHASHOPPERS, JS:MINER.C, PUP.OPTIONA.TROVI, PUP.COINMINER.BOOSTER.

  • · UnHackMe 9.30

    New feature: Network Shield! Network Shield protects against malware, PUP, browser crypto mining scripts (Coinhive), Trojan.Coin.Miners. Fixed: Application.BITCOINMINER.SX, PUP.LADOMAINADESERVER, PUP.WEBSOCK-EXE, PUP.COINHIVE, PUP.BROWSERIO, PUP.YEAWINDOWS, PUP.NEWS24SOCIAL, PUP.YAHOO-POWERED, PUP.MY-QUICK-CONVERTER.

  • · UnHackMe 9.20

    Improved Firefox browser cleaning. Fixed: PUP.TaskPlay.Caches, ADW.Yahoo.Powered, PUP.Cloudnet, Pup.Haxadesk, ADW.Destyy. Fixed bugs.

  • · UnHackMe 9.10

    • Improved WMI Rootkits removal.
    • Improved AV database updater.
    • New feature: creating browsers shortcuts on desktop (if shortcuts were damaged by a virus).
    • New feature: reset Microsoft Edge home page.
  • · UnHackMe 9

    Improved heuristic detecting. Detected infected Google Chrome components. Fixed: MAOHA-PUP, Adware ELEX: MYSTARTING123, YEADESKTOP, GOOBZO, ELEX-TECH, MYSTARTING123 Adware.

  • Removed WanaCry Ransomware. Added a simple solution against infecting by WanaCryptor. Improved detection and removal malware that use Image File Execution, ShellExecute for auto starting. Fixed: YEADESKTOP, Snarer variants, LAUNCHPAGE.ORG-PUP, MyStarting123, Initialsite123 search redirect.

  • · UnHackMe

    Improved detection and removal malicious Print Providers, Eventlog Application’s DLL. Fixed: SNARER-DLL-PUP, Fake-Firefox, Fake-Chrome-PUP, YTBEADBLOCK, PRBENT, DESKAPP, CPUZAPP, etc. Compatible with Windows 10 Creators Update.