Mon pc est lent, amazon assistant auto-installe seule, mon pc se déconnecte seul de la wifi

bonjour ou bonsoir,

j'ai besoin de votre aide precieuse. Je crois que mon pc est infesté.

Il est anormalement lent depuis quelque temps. Et pour combler le tout, amazon assistant s'est autoinstallé, j'ai beau supprimer de google chrome, il revient dès que je netoie mon ordi avec adwcleaner qui detecte comme

Je suis sur windows 10,

windows defender pour antivirus,

rkiller, Mal...

Re: Audyssey Labs

Bonjour cocochepeau

Oui effectivement supprimé manuellement.

Ce qui m'étonnait, c'était cette détection d'un dossier vide, et Audysey Labs n'étant plus détecté comme PUP depuis plusieurs versions.

Merci Bonne journée


dernière version de Adwcleaner


Malwarebytes et Adwcleaner qui ont la même fonction sont installés sur mon PC.

Lorsque j'analyse le PC avec Malwarebytes avant Adwcleaner, la recherche ne signale aucune menace.

Depuis la version de Adwcleaner, l'analyse trouve à chaque fois PUP.optional.legacy que l'outil ne retire pas .

***** [ Chromium (and derivatives) ] *****

PUP.Optional.Legacy             MSN Homepage &...

Re: Ask Jeeves PUP ?


Can you share the scan/clean logfile? Feel free to host it here:


Ask Jeeves PUP ?

Haven't got a clue how this got onto my system but my question is why has the new version of Adwcleaner picked this up but not the previous one of a few weeks ago ?

Re: PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

well it pays and they are not annoying at all to me - i always do surveys if im bored/close to going offline anyhow so i just do the survey,restart my pc via your adwcleaner and boom,i dont even really see that they are there (i only use this site rarely so i dont mind)

Re: PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

Hi Fleks,

What does that tell you?  Don't complete any surveys.

Hope this helps.


Re: PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

Hello Sakurasanta 86,

I had this same question yesterday from another user. I would delete the above through adw cleaner.  My advice do not take surveys.  Also look here at the same question

Hope this helps.


PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

Hello ive started using some online sites for studys the last days - file some stuff and get money/points etc BUT everytime i do a survey on "" it loads the sites on a url named "surveymyopinion" So if i run adwcleaner (current version) after doing that i get 4-8 PUP'S which all have entries verifying it is from "surveymyopinion" in some folders. Now the question: ...

Re: PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

i didnt download anything. they just appear everytime i do a survey on the site above