ShadowChat is a free Peer to Peer Instant Messaging client which encrypts your communications to prevent spying

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Batch2Exe 1.4

Batch2Exe is a simple tool made using the .NET Framework by Darkgust to easily convert a batch script to an executable.

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A basic batch editor meant to ease creating and editing scripts.


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LAN Scanner

Simple Local Area Network (LAN) Scanner to find other devices on your network

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Icon Injector

Icon Injector is a free utility that enables you to change an executable's icon by the one you want.


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dClicker 1.1

dClicker is an automatic clicker, you just have to point at where to click and let the software do the work

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Password Generator 1.5

Darkgust's Password Generator let you generate random and unique passwords.

Available in English, French and Spanish.

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