TNTCrypter is a free professional tool for hashing and encrypting your files!

Do you need extra security? Then this is the right tool for you! 

The ideal software for hashing all the iso images and files you've downloaded or just for keeping your files safe and secure. Take this security boost and protect your data privacy today. Upgrade your reliability!

It's compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 in 32 & 64 bits.

Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016 are supported.  

Requirements: To have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher installed.

Warning: By running this product on your PC, you automatically agree with the end-user license agreement.

Donation link: here


Main functions are:

  1. Text Hashing
  2. File Hashing
  3. Recursive File Hashing
  4. Text Encryption and Decryption
  5. File Encryption and Decryption
  6. Recursive File Encryption and Decryption
  7. Gzip Compression option before encrypting files
  8. Steganography Picture data Injection and Extraction
  9. Text Converting to and from Base64 strings
  10. File Comparison


Supported Algorithms:

  • Hash Algorithms: SHA512, SHA384, SHA256, SHA1, RIPEMD160, MD5, HMAC-SHA512, HMAC-SHA384, HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-RIPEMD160 and HMAC-MD5. Note: HMAC hash algorithms require a password.
  • Hash Outputs: HEX-Lower Case, HEX-Upper Case and Base64.
  • Encryption/Decryption Algorithms: AES-256 bit, AES-192 bit, AES-128 bit, 3DES-168 bit, 3DES-112 bit and DES-56 bit. All these algorithms require three main fields: Password, IV and salt.
  • Modes of Operation: CBC, CFB and ECB.
  • Padding Standarts: PKCS7, ISO 10126, ANSI x.923 and Zero fill/padding.
  • Encryption Outputs: Base64 string or Encrypted File.
  • Compression algorithms: Only gzip (Deflate).
  • Steganography Pictures Input: JPG, PNG, Bitmap or TIFF.
  • Steganography Pictures Output: PNG or Bitmap.
  • Converter Outputs: Plain text or Base64 string.

Graphical User Interface:

  • MDI application
  • DPI aware
  • Responsive and Resizable
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Separate thread for GUI
  • Double buffered GUI
  • Hidden secret in Menu GUI (Crazy Harry)

Other specifications:

  • Resource friendly
  • Buffer settings for tuning performance
  • Default optimal buffer size (determined by multiple tests)
  • Multithreaded Application
  • Wide compatibility
  • Embedded FAQ
  • Embedded Debugging Options
  • Drag and drop file selections are available
  • Auto-agreement with license on application startup (no anoying popups)
  • Input and output text boxes support 'Ctrl+Scroll' temporary font size adjustment
  • Comparison field for file hashing with auto removal of ' ', '-' and ':'
  • No limitation for file size (can work with files bigger than 4 GB)
  • Recursive operations for up to 10 000 files
  • Drag and drop operations for up to 10 000 files
  • Can inject up to 1 MB file or 1.5 million characters of data into a picture
  • Can inject picture files with size of up to 12 MB
  • Can extract data from picture files with size of up to 128 MB
  • The executable file size is only 4.36 MB (4,573,184 bytes)
  • This tool is written in MS C#
  • Developed by Tony Karavasilev (Тони Каравасилев)
  • Portable (no installation required)
  • Free!
//////// 11/06/2016 <-> TNTCrypter 1 Year Anniversary

//////// v2.0.0.0 - 01/04/2016 ////////
- Changed layout of File Comparison module's GUI.
- Changed the About Form, added a new picture and activated easy closing on pressing the 'Esc' button.
- Changed context menus on input and output textboxes and converted them back to rich textboxes because of performance issues.
- Added new Picture Injector module for image steganography that supports injection and extraction of data.
- Added detailed message for file fields that are not set at the start of the compare procedure in File Comparison module.
- Added safe waits on canceling of encrypt/decrypt operations in the File Crypter module.
- Added drag and drop of text to the three input text boxes for all text modules.
- Added global field for memory of last chosen buffer size in current application session.
- Added modules choosing tab to MDI menu strip.
- Added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the file tab to MDI menu strip.
- Added 'Crazy Harry' copyright message in the file tab to MDI menu strip.
- Added options tab for buffer size to MDI menu strip.
- Added debug options tab for self-application debugging.
- Added keyboard shortcuts to MDI menu strip.
- Added safety on keyboard shortcuts long holding and in the MDI Container FormClosing event.
- Added anti-flickering improvements.
- Added performance improvements.
- Fixed bug enabling vertical resize to smaller size for up to 4 pixels more than defined.
- Fixed bug enabling to actively change the buffer size for the next file in a queue of a multiple file operation for all three file modules.
- Fixed bug with removed scroll bars from input and output textboxes and revised all textboxes.
- Fixed bug with shorter character span for output result textboxes in some of the modules.
- Fixed bugs with wrong invokes and resurrection of dead processes in the File Comparison module.
- Fixed bugs with wrong invokes and resurrection of dead processes in the File Hashing module.
- Revised and changed decryption and base64 conversion messages for encountered problems.
- Revised and changed the ReportProgress of the progress bar in the File Hashing module.
- Revised all operations with thread invokes to the progress bars in TNTCrypter.
- Revised all handling and passing of parameters taken from the GUI of all three file modules.
- Revised the protection from doing active changes of the GUI parameters while doing an operation.
- Retested all modules.
- Minor GUI changes and optimizations.

//////// v1.9.0.0 - 13/03/2016 ////////
- Migrated application from SDI to MDI.
- Design improved and upgraded to lighter colours theme.
- Main menu picture (Crazy Harry) is now rounded and the onClick events capturing is more precise.
- Added new Converter module for converting to and from valid Base64 strings.
- Added new Comparison module for fast comparing of two files.
- Added onClosing thread safe exiting for MDI children calls for File Hasher and File Crypter modules.
- Added responsive design to main menu.
- Added license agreement and changelog inside MDI GUI.
- Added menu strip to GUI.
- Added internal visible menu strip GUI locks for strip buttons, menu buttons and other modules.
- Added right click context menu for copy and paste to all text boxes.
- Added safety in drag and drop events effects types.
- Removed window size memory for modules.
- Removed 'Exit' buttons.
- Removed false menu button lock on drag and drop hashing of multiple files.
- Fixed bug with Ctrl+A shortcut on text boxes.
- Changelog style has been rewritten.
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

//////// v1.8.0.0 - 28/01/2016 ////////
- Fixed bug with not deleting files on only wrong IV when decrypting gzip format.
- Added another thread for drag and drop checking operations to File Hashing module.
- Added another thread for drag and drop checking operations to File Crypter module.
- Added multiple file drag & drop feature to File Crypter module and a new thread for the calls.
- Added safety changed on drag and drop system calls.
- Added listing of inaccessible files for recursive operations and for drag and drop operations with more than one file.
- Fixed bug of saying that the folder is empty on recursive searching a directory full of files without read permission.
- Fixed bug on closing event of the File Crypter module for wrong disposing because of dialog windows.
- Fixed some English syntax mistakes in the GUI modules.
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

//////// v1.7.0.0 - 12/01/2016 ////////
- Added "Could not find file" exception logging to result, for file hashing.
- Added multiple file drag & drop feature to File Hashing module and a new thread for the calls.
- Added one file drag & drop feature to File Crypter module.
- Fixed bug in recursive hash operations printing results.
- Fixed bug in renaming an output file for encrypting/decrypting.
- Fixed .tmp rename bug with compression.
- Removed Menu button locks in some GUIs.
- Changed encrypted and compressed format from .aes.tnt to .tntaes, etc. Change has been made in all available input/output calls.
- Minor GUI elements changes.

//////// v1.6.0.0 - 20/11/2015 ////////
- Added text field option for hash comparison in the file hasher with auto removal on paste of the characters ' ', ':' and '-'.
- Added buffer size option for file hashing and file encrypting/decrypting modules.
- Password, IV and Salt fields are now '*' masked. On mouse hovering the text is revealed, else it is hidden.
- Added hasher optimization against zombie objects in RAM.
- Fixed recursive searching back to menu bug.
- Fixed recursive searching 'null' zombie object bug.
- Added extra logic on FormClosing events on some GUI modules for safety and cleaning of objects.
- Added returning to default size and location of window after demaximization, when going to the menu and back to some sub menu form.
- Changing GUI initial size from (578x479) to (570x460) for better VGA compatibility.
- Removed bug pasting text styles (font, size, colour and etc.) to rich text boxes.
- Added file dialogs RestoreDirectory option and set the initial directory to where the file is executed from.
- Added name showing in result while generating hash of a file.
- Fixed tab indexing bugs in some of the GUI modules.
- Added second mutex for the popup "already running".
- Added third mutex for new popup "does not support starting with arguments".
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

//////// v1.5.0.0 - 11/10/2015 ////////
- Added the ability for recursive directory search thread cancellation.
- Removed bug when trying to exit or go to the menu while in a recursive search operation.
- Channing GUI items logic while searching and locking the recursive search with the new cancellation option.
- Form size and maximization of window memory added for going to the menu and back to some sub menu form.
- Setting every GUI to be the same initial size (578x479) at start up, VGA compatible.
- Added checking if the Clipboard is used by another process and safely storing data to it.
- Optimizations in recursive directory search implementation.
- Removed bug in recursive decryption calling of operation.
- Changes in some of the GUI's elements internal functionalities.
- Channing GUI items logic while there are working threads.
- Added status strips to hashing text and encrypting text forms.
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

//////// v1.4.0.0 - 25/09/15 ////////
- Recompiled, with optimizations.

//////// v1.4.0.0 - 09/07/15 ////////
- Changed limitation of hashing/encrypting/decrypting from 500 files to up to 10 000 files.
- Moved recursive searching to a different thread.
- Optimizations in recursive directory search implementation.
- Adding two animations while searching a directory recursively.
- Channing GUI items logic while searching and locking the recursive search until it finishes.
- Removed bug when trying to cancel a recursive hashing operation.
- Fixed vanishing of the file original extension when using the compression option in combination with changing the output name.
- Removed bug when decrypting files with a wrong key, because of bug in supporting cancellation in .NET 3.5 version.
- Removed bug when trying to cancel a decryption of a file.
- Removed bug when trying to cancel a recursive decryption operation.
- Improved logic in cancellation of all operations.
- Because of a bug in .NET 3.5 implementation of the Gzip class making compressed archives bigger than original file, it has been changed with other custom implementation.
- Straighten entropy of data and increasing the compression ratio by changing order of encrypt-compress to compress-encrypt, etc.
- Adding .tmp extension on temporary files while compressing/decompressing.
- Changing .gz extension to .tnt because of the change of logic applied.
- Other minor modifications to the option "Compresses files with gzip before encryption".
- Straighten key and IV quality by hashing them before use.
- GUI bug with changing settings while working removed.
- GUI buttons changes in logic.
- Mutex settings changed.
- Major optimization of the main algorithms.
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

//////// v1.0.0.0 - 11/06/15 ////////

- Tool has been released!
- Changelog available!