GlassWire Network Security Monitor & Firewall 2.0.78 Release

GlassWire helps protect your computer and privacy by visualizing your network activity on an easy to understand graph.  Click the "Firewall" tab to block connections by applications.  Visit the "Usage" tab to see what applications are using bandwidth on your network in detail.  Is your ISP stingy with its bandwidth?  GlassWire will show you what apps are hogging your data and GlassWire will also warn you before you get close to going over your data limit.

GlassWire is free and currently in beta.  Please give our software a try and give us your feedback.

Thanks, The GlassWire Team

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Publisher SecureMix LLC
By superglass
Created on 07 October 2014
Last update 13 February 2018
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