Free! V.B. Sequencer v1.0.6375.29696 Beta

Free! V.B. Sequencer, is free and very simple and intuitive musical sequencer suitable for who is approaching to the world of the computer music.
Whe have up to 100 patterns grid with 8 tracks each composed of 16 steps, like Fruity Loops.
We also have 16 channels where we can load the sounds (maximum 16 sounds per song).
There is also a mixer, some effects, an equalizer and a virtual coil recorder to make the master.
The song is built writting the various numbers of patterns in the black window "song".

The program is still in "beta" and therefore there are still some bugs.

System requirements:
 One of the following operating systems (32 or 64 bits):
  Microsoft® Windows® Vista SP2 or later,
  Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 or later,
  Microsoft® Windows® 8,
  Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
  Microsoft® Windows® 10.

Dot NET requirements:
 Microsoft® .NET 4 installed.

Minimum hardware requirements:
 Dual Core Intel®/AMD® Processor with at least 2 GHz of clock.
 At least 1 GB of available RAM.
 Soundcard with DirectSound and WASAPI support.

If you wish to support future development of the program, make a donation to:

For support write to: lbraincreations (at)

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Publisher L. Brain Creations
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Created on 26 August 2017
Last update 26 August 2017
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