Re: BSOD tcpip.sys? at boot only

Hi, no, I dont have a Dell ;)  Vista32 SP2. CBS log: it seems english ("reboot required" instead of "riavvio necessario"). the last line "Scavenge: Package store indicates there is no component to scavenge, skipping." I guess that scavenge means "clean" i.e no component that requires to be cleaned. I not rebooted after "the repair".

Re: BSOD tcpip.sys? at boot only

Hi Cumdacon,

Logs look good, it made a repair.  Have you rebooted your machine since yesterday?  If so, what happened?

I see you have a Dell.  You are also running Windows 6.0?   The scan /scannow is in a different language?  What did the last line say?

Please reply.


Re: BSOD tcpip.sys? at boot only

Hi Julie, thanks a lot. I add 1) screen shot of CMD tasks 2) complete log 3) complete CBS log with repair (filter by date: 2008/04/16, surely a BSOD at each boot may "damage further" other components, I did not run scandisk after each bsod). 1)   2)  3)  

Re: Adware Cleaner, Can It Really Stop Anything Except Healthy Software?

Hello Ethelena,

Welcome to ToolsLib,

Please answer the following questions in your reply.  First of all may I ask you what kind of

1)  anti virus software are you using? 

2)  What version Awd Cleaner are you using? 

3)  Do you have an ad blocking software installed on your computer? 

4)  Do you have PC Repair installed on your computer?

Warmest Regards,


Adware Cleaner, Can It Really Stop Anything Except Healthy Software?

I have, and had have problem with a "virus". When I click on anything on my webscreen (on a link for example) so instead for the link I clicked on opens a new window that want to sell something or ad for something. Mostly it`s "Pc repair" it`s been around for sometimes now and it`s extremly annoying. And adware cleaner don`t do anything to stop or even reqognize this virus. Not only adaware, no...

Re: ADWCleaners is downloaded with corruption constantly


This issue should now be resolved. Can you confirm?


cocochepeau, 2018-02-26 13:47:00 (UTC)

Wow! It's even worse now!

1. Download manager (with 2 threads and above) now brings errors that file has changed after few seconds of downloading. When I click 'download anyway' same happens few seconds later.

2. When I click link 'Click here if download didn't start' I see this err...

Re: How to remove Ninite.exe


You should be able to find a way to uninstall Ninite through the Windows Control Panel/Settings.

Here is how (take a look at the Remove in Settings section):


redémarrage impossible après passage de tweaning

Bonjour à tous,

Ayant un problème logiciel sur mon clavier, j'ai lancé windows repair de Au redémarrage le lancement échoue et toutes les options proposées aussi. Et je ne peux plus accéder à la commande "entrée". Je n'ai pas de disque de windows 10 et, de toute façon, je ne peux pas modifier l'ordre de démarrage n'ayant pas accès à "entrée".

Merci si vous avez une idée pour un ...

Re: Start\Windows icon

hello if you use Windows Repair All-in-one , doesn't it work ?

On this page, download Windows Repair and save the file to the desktop:

Installs the software Double-click the Repair_Windows.exe icon to launch the tool /! \ Under Vista and Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, you must launch the file by right-clicking -> Run a...