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You are an usual user ?

You are looking for your favorite software and getting them in a secure and easy way, while wanting to be notified when they are updated.


Download safely thousands of software

You are browsing this website in HTTPS : this website's identity has been checked and the content is encrypted between the server and your computer. Moreover, you can check your download's integrity thanks to the checksum shown when the download occurs.


Tired of adverts ?

Most download sites are drowning you with adverts and they repack safe software with adware. ToolsLib stands against such practices.


Ask for help

The forum is the perfect place to ask for help if you have any troubles with your computer or with a software. You can also use it to submit feedbacks for a software !


Follow your favorite software

You can received a notification when your favorite software are updated. Therefore, your are sure to always use the latest version in date !

You are a developer ?

You have specific and demanding needs to effectively manage your projects : a reliable platform, with a team at your disposal.


Publish your software

Your software are online and updated in a few clicks. Introduce them in the best way with a clear and flexible layout. Keep the control on your projects !


Watch them growing

You can track download of your software at different periods of time with detailed statistics. Also, follow their international success with specific charts !

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