Every year, a new major release of AdwCleaner come out. This is the opportunity for me to check every parts of the code and possibly make it faster, more accurate or just update it according to new libraries.

This release will come with a bunch of functionnalities that our users wanted since a long time. The first one is a CLI ( Command-Line Interface ) that will allow you or your enterprise to include AdwCleaner on your scripts.

For instance, you will be able to specify if you want to do a scan, or a cleaning. Moreover, it will be possible to deactivate prompt when a file needs to be deleted, so that AdwCleaner won't require any actions to perform his job.

The second functionnality is the possibility to generate a debug report. This will be helpful in case AdwCleaner crashes, as you can generate this report and send it to our support team to ensure a quick fix if this is a bug.

This is only the beginning of v5.000, a lot of other functionnalities will be added and be sure that we will keep you informed !