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  • MD5 · 83cc2bc61597461da4449103496c4c66
  • SHA1 · 6c4fd89d1d0c8febd40fcdfa0f08ad3658f56213
  • SHA256 · 64586f7290d5aef37ea2044e5481b43cece1c8661fc17c86657b9d123be7df13

Version 0.70 [2017/11/27]

  • Add: 3 compression levels
  • Add: support for Waterfox 55 (for older version select Firefox) (Backup & Restore, Migration, Plugin Scanner)
  • Add: support for new Firefox plugins (Plugin Scanner)
  • Add: support for Basilisk (Backup & Restore, Migration, Plugin Scanner)
  • Add: support for qBittorent (Backup & Restore)
  • Modified: changed from .NET Framework 4.0 to 4.5 (WinXP is not supported anymore)
  • Modified: Migration Source now shows only softwares selected in settings (Aviator browser is still available in migration as source to migrate to other browsers)
  • Modified: backup file now are in 64bit (when available) and can be larger than 4GB
  • Modified: Optimized Plugin Scanner code
  • Fixed: Plugin scanner issues
  • Fixed: Plugin scanner export issue