SpyShelter 12.9 Release

SpyShelter is a specialized tool designed to enhance your computer’s security by exposing and preventing hidden spyware in real-time. This software provides visibility into hidden activities and ensures full control over your applications.

Download and Specifications

SpyShelter is available for free download and requires only 14.4 MB of space. The latest version is

Key Features

Extra Protection

SpyShelter works alongside your existing antivirus software without conflict. It provides additional visibility into hidden activities and offers complete control over your applications.

Real-Time Threat Prevention

SpyShelter monitors every executable that tries to start on your machine and blocks threats before they can begin. This feature ensures that you have control over which applications can run on your PC.

Intrusion Countermeasures

For systems already compromised by spyware, SpyShelter includes built-in countermeasures. Its Screenshot Protection Setting prevents hidden screen recorders from capturing usable images by producing black screens instead.

Resource Monitoring

SpyShelter detects hidden Windows processes that start and stop quickly, which are often missed by the Windows Task Manager. It reveals these processes and helps you manage resource hogs that can slow down your PC.

Executable Behavior Monitoring

SpyShelter monitors all running executables, showing their actions in detail. It can detect if applications are accessing your camera or microphone or changing important registry keys. This feature allows you to control and stop unexpected behaviors.

Terminal Control

SpyShelter can be fully managed from the Windows Terminal, allowing users to control processes and applications directly from the command line, bypassing the graphical user interface if preferred.

Why Use SpyShelter?

With 15 years in the cybersecurity industry, SpyShelter provides an extra layer of protection that works seamlessly with your antivirus software. It ensures that you have full visibility and control over the activities on your PC, enhancing your privacy and security.

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Created on 29 March 2023
Last update 03 June 2024
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