This tool is intended to check all files from system Autostart on VirusTotal. It is simply a launcher for Mark Russinovich's Autorunsc.

AutorunsVTchecker was made for remote help with infected system. You don't have to ask user to check each different file separately and don't have to explain how to do it. You just have to give user a link to download and run it. When it ends checking, it'll show appropriate message. Helper should see needed report on virustotal by file hash. No logs. If you still need an Autoruns log, it is better to get it through the Autoruns GUI.

First start of AutorunsVTchecker could take a long time. It depends of amount of files that weren't checked at VirusTotal and time wasted to send file and then to get an answer result. Sometimes it seems that tool is hang. But it is just waiting for server respond and you have to wait a little more.


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Created on 29 December 2017
Last update 08 October 2018
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