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Release 6.46 13.08 MB 1,771
  • MD5 · 211a3c81b1bb1a449b895dc2f44990d4
  • SHA1 · 1d6de98cfbc87c4e7e2fc4eaec785757f39775b7
  • SHA256 · 5e2e1f8b764a3bbd866276e8d792e7ac67d4df798635de5b1b5e4bc50dda12f9
## Bitwar Data [Recovery]( 6.4.6 First offered to Release Channel users on Jan 3. 2019 Bitwar keeps on keeping on Look to this release for even more performance improvements, features that let you know more without leaving the webpage you're on, and a comprehensive data recovery experience. Thank you to all of the Bitwar users who contributed to this release of Bitwar Data Recovery! ### FIX 1. Urgently fixed a problem that can go awry on restoring large file data from deep scan mode. 2. Fixed the stuck problem while closing the video previewing window due to the excess of file fragmentation. 3. Fixed a problem where some systems might not be able to preview videos. ### Changes 1. Added version number beside the Software Name. 2. Revised the video size of .MKV file. For more information, please click here: [What's New on Bitwar Data Recovery 6.46?](