Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

I used adwcleaner to clean these viruses but they just keep on returning after boot-up.

Here are the names:

-Registry- [-] Key deleted: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.wiz

-Web browser- [-] [] [Search Provider] Deleted: [-] [] [Search Provider] Deleted: [-] [] [Search Provider] Deleted:

These viruses are very dangerous and they have complete control over my computer. They remove my password on my laptop at their command and worse deactivates my antiviruses and runs PUPs whenever I play games. I don't want to reformat my computer since I have school assignments to do. I need help they keep on getting worse and worse by the day. I don't know if they have keyloggers in my computer.

Re: Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses


Sorry for the late answer.

These detections are not keyloggers, don't worry. What web browser are you using?