In my work I regularly encounter with an infected client computers. I use your program: AdwCleaner and noticed that she missed one malicious extension. This extension is highly specialized. Aimed at the Russian-speaking audience that uses the social network The method of distribution through the spam in your private messages to users in a social network. The user does not notice that on his behalf sent a message. When a user is infected, additional advertising appears on the pages of the social network. The same advertisement appears in google search. But, so as not to arouse suspicion, advertising will appear after a while.

Known to me the sites of distributors:, Extensions are constantly changing names. id: mloibjjnpaicpiblfhcofcplghihbeog, pdfnigjpkmojnfgdpcipkbkhgmemeeom I have relayed the information to to your colleagues, who are developing a similar product ( and their program is already detects these malicious extensions.

Re: Adware extension in Chrome


Thank you, we're working on it.

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