Re: Fehlmeldung in Adw Reiniger?


Sehen wir das Logfile?


Cocochepeau, 2019-03-31 18:01:48 (UTC)


# ------------------------------- # Malwarebytes AdwCleaner # ------------------------------- # Build:    01-30-2019 # Database: 2019-04-01.1 (Cloud) # Support: # # ------------------------------- # Mode: Scan # ------------------------------- # Start:    04-0...

Re: Fehlmeldung in adw Cleaner?


Can we see the logfile?


Re: AdwCleaner 7.1.1 false positive with Vulkan

Checked on my 3 other Nvidia GC PC's and didn't find the "C:\Windows\System32\Unknown" folder.

This folder has been installed on march.

Vulkan runtime libraries come from NVidia drivers. As they appear useless for me I uninstalled them on my 4 PC's.

Not sure now that it's not a malware...

HiSpeed, 2018-05-01 10:35:03 (UTC)

I think you must check this issue on Microsoft forums there you'l...

Fehlmeldung in adw Cleaner?

First excuse my bad english.

Adw-cleaner has been quite satisfactory so far. Today, however, as suspicious Files, he shows me all entries belonging to a Program. I've been installing this Program for Years. Why is this Message only coming now? Once I've cleaned up these Messages, this Program doesn't work and, moreover, OneDrive and Dropbox no longer log in automatically.

Re: ralentissements et blocages suspects


Désolé pour ma réponse tardive.

Avez-vous essayé de lancer un scan avec AdwCleaner ? Rendez-vous ici pour le télécharger :


Re: Remove botton

Sorry for my late reply.

Are you running AdwCleaner on Windows Vista?

ralentissements et blocages suspects



J'ai changé récemment de pc portable, le mien est un hp elitebook et je suis sous windows 7. Le système se bloque ou ralentit de façon inoppinée, même LIbre office que j'ai réinstallé deux fois. J'ai le firewall et l'antirus de windows. je complété par ccleaner. Et à chaque fois que je passe zhp cleaner, je retrouve des SUP ou PUP. Comment faire pour ça cesse ? Je ne navigue pas su...

Re: Strange toolbar on my browser


First, you can try to download and run AdwCleaner by following this link:

Please share the generated logfile after the system reboot.

Strange toolbar on my browser

Hi there,

My son has infected my computer with some kind of malware. New toolbar has apperaed on my chrome browser ( virus/toolbar i don't know). I have found a tutorial and did all the steps, but it did not help. I am thinking of buying ADWCleaner. Will it help me?

Thanks a lot