Re: Video Editor

Greetings Crowman,

I did some research on Google for you :)

If you want a complete alternative to Sony Vegas, here is the well known Lightworks "the professional editor for everyone" :

Otherwise, if you need an easy to use open source CD/DVD burner, you can use cdrtfe :

There are many software that can do such things. Here are some links :...

Video Editor

Can someone please suggest a good free easy to use video editor that will allow me to convert my video to disks?

Re: Windows 10 Crashing


Same as here we'll need the list of running processes :

  1. Launch Powershell from the Applications Menu
  2. Write the following command in the opened window and press [Enter] :
Get-Process | Out-File Processes.txt


 In your personal folder (C:\Users\xx), you should get a file called Processes.txt. Please paste it here or host it on Up2Share as before.