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lost the origin email...  and cannot send any attachments here...  pse repeat email and from there I can reply wih attachments (screenshots)   thanks

i was locked out of my windows 10 pc

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i have upgraded to windows 10 and it will not let me unlock and says my password is wrong. anyone having same problem or know haw to sort out this windows 10 locked out issue. thanks in advance. 

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Donc voici encore un rapport :

Mon disque est devenu très léger : 12 Go occupés 61 Go libres. J'ai "déffraglé" et nettoyé. En fait je n'ai plus aucun fichier de musique ni de photos depuis  l'installation de Windows 10.  Je pense avoir perdu un répertoire "old windows" qui contenait tout ça...




Re: Quel logiciel pour ma panne ?


Dans ce cas, on va pouvoir supprimer l'ensemble des outils que j'ai pu vous faire utiliser :

  • Téléchargez DelFix et lancez-le,
  • Cochez Purger la restauration système et Supprimer les outils de désinfection,
  • Cliquez sur Exécuter.
  • Copiez/collez le rapport généré dans votre prochaine réponse (ou idéalement hébergez-le sur

Pour l'encombrement du disque, en fait je n'ai pas de fic...

Re: ADWCleaner deleted my important folder

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Thank you for your email.

After restarting the computer, ADWCleaner is not there anymore so I had to reinstall the application. Then I tried Tools - Quanrantine Manager. I picked the file and clicked Restore but nothing happened. Does it mean it has been lost forever ?

I am freaking out now since it has been my work folder. Is there any other way to restore it ?


Re: Quel logiciel pour ma panne ?

Comme convenu voici Zhpdiag



~ ZHPDiag v2015.11.1.160 Par Nicolas Coolman (2015/11/01) ~ Démarré par Administrateur (Administrator)  (2015/11/03 20:21:29) ~ Site: ~ Facebook: ~ Etat de la version:  Version OK ~ Mode: Scanner ~ Rapport: C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop\ZHPDiag.txt ~ Rapport: C:\Users\Administrat...

Bad LAG with Windows 10

This lagging started almost immediately after the download of Windows 10 - everything on my computer is slow.  Programs take a while to open, then when open, sometimes I can type faster than the computer can keep up!  I cannot figure out what to stop 'running in the background' -- but it just feels like something is dragging the speed down, but it's not showing up in the "Remove Programs" part!...

Re: SmartShopping not cleaned :(


Now, it's ok! I solved my pb, perhaps thank to AdvCleaner.

* First with AdvCleaner... no (visible) effect. I run it twice and the second time it told me everything was ok... except I always had my virus.

+ Then, I learnt about Chrome Cleanup tool. I run it! Same pb... it told me that it didn't see any threat! And, after that, my Chrome has been blocked... Impossible to run il!


I d...