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Re: adwcleaner


Vous ne devriez pas utiliser Windows XP pour télécharger adwcleaner 7.1.1.exe. Idéalement, vous devriez mettre à jour votre système d'exploitation

Re: Comment supprimer des dossiers vides dans mes images


Pouvez-vous me partager une capture d'écran de ces dossiers lorsque votre disque dur externe est branché et reconnu par Windows ?


Re: adwcleaner


AdwCleaner ne supporte plus Windows XP. Je vous invite à télécharger & installer Malwarebytes 3.0 à la place. Voici le lien à suivre : https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/309-malwarebytes/



j'ai telechargé adwcleaner 7.1.1.exe, l'installation ne se fait pas et délivre le message: "dwmapi est introuvable"

j'utilise windows XP. J'ai lançé cette éxécution 5 fois sans succé.

Re: Malwarebytes 3 and avira

some google results say this is due to the free premium feature for 14days - true? also the registry warning inconsistently happens on the second pc too but the 90% cpu usage stuff doesnt (eventho both exact same as said before) should my adwcleaner find sth if 1pc is effected by a virus? edit2: just tested again on my second machine and i was wrong when "scan memory" starts the cpu there spike...

Malwarebytes 3 and avira

Hey i didnt use malwarebytes 3 since december but wanted to check my pc right now (i usually do it with adwcleaner but well sometimes i just check everything) now onto the "problem" everytime i start the malwarebytes 3 scam my avira pops up with a warning that the admin blocked sth from doing sth to my registry i dont find any malware on my pc with malwarebytes nor adwcleaner and a full avira s...

Comment supprimer des dossiers vides dans mes images



Je voudrais supprimer des dossiers vides qui sont dans mes images et je ne sais pas comment faire. Je suis sous Windows 10 version 1803. Voulez-vous m'aider SVP? Merci


Re: Newest adw version detects world of warcraft beta as a threat and deletes the whole thing.

edit: in case you deleted the folder via adwcleaner you have to restore it and then locate the folder so your battlenet knows where the files are. otherwise its gonna re download it all. just restored it now so yea now i just have to remember to not delete it again when using adwcleaner again x) also the new version fixed the false positive: greast and fast!

Re: AdwCleaner 7.1.1 false positive with Vulkan

Checked on my 3 other Nvidia GC PC's and didn't find the "C:\Windows\System32\Unknown" folder.

This folder has been installed on march.

Vulkan runtime libraries come from NVidia drivers. As they appear useless for me I uninstalled them on my 4 PC's.

Not sure now that it's not a malware...