Seeing practices which appear to be quite common on several mainstream hosting platforms, it seems important to us to distinguish and to recall our values which motivate us for ToolsLib.

Our purpose is to provide to everyone an easy and quick way to manage daily-needed tools.

Wether for users who can quickly access to their favorite software without fear of being wrong by downloading malware, or for developers who can host and manage their creations in a easy and secure way, we work hard to provide the best possible service.

Therefore, we stand against several practices including invasive advertising and software repack.


No to invasive advertising.

Yes, ads are currently playing the main role in our funding. We are convinced that this funding mean must be used with moderation : it's absolutely abnormal to mix the "real" content from the ad-banners, or a "real" download button from an ads !

Thus, from the very beginning we choose to display the minimal number of ads on the platform, we display what we need to cover our costs. Finally, we separate the advertising from the website other content.


No to repack/bundle software.

When a developper wants to host a software on ToolsLib, it remains the developper's property. We won't modify it (we invit you to use the provided SHA-256 in order to check) and we won't own it.

When platforms bundle and repack hosted software to get additional revenues for each installation, we think that both the user and the developper are cheated. We do not support such practices at all.


These behaviours are unacceptable and we have always opposed them. And you can expect us to continue !