Since the beginning we think that developers and users constitute a huge community, but in which it's not always easy to communicate.

So, as it was for the blog we are opening a new section dedicated to discuss efficiently : you face an unresolvable issue with your computer or with a software ? There is certainly someone to help you out. You are developer and you need to ask your users to test the next release of your program ? It's the right place to ask !

This section aims to be easy to use. To create a new discussion is easy and intuitive, to answer is even more easier !

Organized in an efficient way, each thread is accessible and laid out with a soft and clear formatting, Indeed, code snippets are automatically colored according to the language, so that it's easy to read. Pictures are clickable to be shown in full-dimension. Moreover, if an answer has been very useful to solve a problem, it's marked as "approved" to make it easier to find the good information.

We hope that you will like and that you will appropriate this new section : It's now easier to be helped and to share your knowledge !