A pretty huge update has been published saturday evening on ToolsLib. It was mainly focused on the interface usability and software presentation, but also added improvements in the way developers get feedbacks from their users.


First of all, the software presentation has been widely improved. It's now in flat-design and fully responsive in order to satisfy our mobile visitors.

The display is now much more clearer than it used to be. You can now enjoy a brand new header containing useful informations about your favorite software and an accessible download button.

We've added a quick access to comments, but also to the related threads on the forum and the latests author's blogposts.

You have access to all the information you need at a glance!


On another topic, it's no longer required to ask for a developer account : everyone can upload their software. It's then published after being reviewed by the team.

You also automatically obtain a dedicated category on the forum. It allows you to get feedbacks in an easier way. Then the latests issues are also accessible from the software page, alongside with your own blogposts.


Finally, we really care about the security of our users and their data. Thus, a pentest has been led by jvoisin. The test allowed us to discover an XSS vulnerability which bypassed Internet Explorer anti-xss filter (Edge wasn't impacted). It has been fixed very quickly.

If you discover any other issues, feel free to contact us and we'll reward you in beers and stickers! :)


What awaits us next? We'll focus on new features. Stay tuned, you don't wanna miss next improvements!