There will be some GUI improvements in v5.036 :

First of all, when you opens AdwCleaner, you have a GUI that pops and informs you about AdwCleaner's database downloading.

With v5.036, this GUI will disappear and will be merged into AdwCleaner's primary GUI, since now database downloading will be done only when you request a scan. That leaves the option for a user to use the local database instead of the server one.

Activating the option "Use local database" will make AdwCleaner skip the download part whereas in prior versions, AdwCleaner automatically downloaded the database because it was triggered just after its opening.

Secondly, GUI resizing will be much more convenient than before. Although this is not perfect, I think it will be better for notebooks users to use AdwCleaner from now. 


Stay tuned for new improvements, and don't forget to take a look on AdwCleaner's changelog for a complete list of updates !