The new release of AdwCleaner, v5.200, is available on the download page.

There are numerous changes :

[ADD] - Add Georgian translation
[ADD] - New Reset Hosts file option
[ADD] - Add new folder paths
[UPD] - Translation updates and fixes
[UPD] - Use HTTPS links in the logfile
[UPD] - GUI improvement
[UPD] - Add generic detections
[UPD] - Improve the debug log
[UPD] - Code refactoring
[UPD] - Local database v14-06-2016.1
[BUG] - Fix various security issues
[BUG] - Fallback on the current directory if the root folder is not accessible

There has been a huge work on translations with the support of the Georgian language, as well as bugfixes in some other language detections. A lot of strings have also been updated in nearly all supported languages.

A new option is available : "Reset the Hosts file". A lot of adwares/PUP are making changes in the Windows Hosts file to redirects the user web browsing. It's now easier to remove these entries by ticking this option during the cleaning process (the option is unticked by default).

One of the major work for this release has consisted in a lot of code refactoring to fix some issues, including a medium critical security one, and to improve performances.

Finally, we have worked to include new detections (generic and static) for the latest adwares/PUP we have been aware of.

We'd like to thanks everyone who have been involved in this release. If you aren't listed in the "About" page in the AdwCleaner GUI and you think that you should, please get in touch with us, we may have forgotten you.. Sorry !


AdwCleaner v5.200 is available on the download page.