Some of you might have noticed the arrival of distinct avatars on a few messages on our forum. That's right, you're not missing something here, we've implemented a new little feature that let's you choose between a hundred of specific avatars.

Here are some of them:

avatar_01 avatar_02 avatar_03
avatar_04 avatar_09 avatar_57


You might wonder: How can I choose one?!

That's quite easy, you just have to navigate to your profile page (like this one for me: and click on your placeholder avatar:


Now, back to the serious stuff. We decided to provide only specific avatars in order to keep a clean design on our pages. Also, we've kept in mind that, some day, you should be able to add a custom avatar or why not a crafted one using a provided web tool. In the meantime, enjoy these new avatars!

I can't wait to see what you gonna choose! :)