AdwCleaner v6.010 has been published a few minutes ago. It's mostly a maintenance release, with a lot of improvements in stability and translations since the v6.000.

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Indeed, most of the translations have been completed thanks to several contributors. However, several languages are still incomplete or partially missing and we would love to get a full coverage on them. Please read the associated page if you want to help, thanks !

Alongside the translations improvement, we fixed the annoying bugs that appeared in v6.000, for instance random crashes during the scan.

Detections have been improved too, with new definitions and optimizations, especially for scheduled tasks, services, and generic detections. The shipped database is now the 2016-08-24.2 and contains the latest definition at the time of writing.

Finally, we made some improvements with the GUI which is now resizable. However, it's still not perfect but has been made on a best effort basis: we are working on the command line interface which may suit you better if you are still facing issues. On this topic, we please contact us for your expectations, we like to hear your stories and we'll try to include your requests in this new interface.


If you want to contribute, please get in touch or consider a donation.

We are really thankful to everyone who has taken part for this release. Thank you all!

AdwCleaner v6.010 is available on the download page, and the documentation has been updated.