As the number of hosted software is increasing a more advanced management system was needed. During the past year we've studied the usage that are made not only on ToolsLib but on several other platforms, and following our conclusions we have published our new branded dashboard.




This big update combines a lot of underlying and visible changes. What you can see when hosting your projects on ToolsLib:

  • Project - Most of the time, a project combines different software versions: x64/x32, Linux/MacOS/Windows, beta releases.. It's the core of the new system on ToolsLib, in which you can upload and manage everything that belongs to a project in one place, while still publishing different software versions with dedicated pages.
  • History - You can now download the past releases and the coming alpha and beta releases of your favorite software. As a developer, you have access to the fine-grained settings to manage your project publication.
  • Collaboration - Previously on ToolsLib, one software = one user. It's no longer the case! You can invite other users to manage your projects, and you'll soon be able to set rules to control the different access (administraton, publication, edition, documentation..)
  • Wiki - Speaking of documentation, the brand-new wiki allows you to write a detailed guide for your users and team very straightforwardly - it uses the same format than GitHub!

Also, as security really matters to us, we encourage you to enable the two-factor authentication on your account right now (see your account settings)!

As you can see, we've worked hard to provide you with the best tools in order to manage your projects efficiently and we do not intend to stop off on the way. These improvements are one of the first steps we've planned for the coming months: We are preparing a lot more. Per project donations system, emailing, a bunch of third-parties services integration, advanced statistics and analytics system, translations management, API, ..

As usual, please tell us what you're expecting from us, we'd love to hear your feedbacks.


Thank you for the interest brought to ToolsLib and as always stay tuned!