In the fast-evolving digital landscape, online security is paramount. To safeguard your browsing experience, Microsoft has consistently been vigilant in releasing security updates for its popular web browser, Microsoft Edge. On October 27, 2023, Microsoft introduced the latest Microsoft Edge Stable Channel (Version 118.0.2088.76), incorporating critical security updates sourced from the Chromium project. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of these updates, focusing on one crucial aspect - CVE-2023-44323.

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What's New in Microsoft Edge Version 118.0.2088.76?

Microsoft Edge users have received a significant update in the form of Version 118.0.2088.76. This update brings with it various security enhancements, improving the overall browsing experience for millions of users. One notable highlight is the inclusion of security updates from the Chromium project. For a comprehensive understanding of the changes, you can refer to the Security Update Guide.

CVE-2023-44323: Adobe Vulnerability and Microsoft Edge

One of the key elements of this security update is the CVE-2023-44323 vulnerability. It's worth noting that this CVE is related to Adobe software, which may raise questions about why it is featured in the Microsoft Edge Security Update Guide.

The explanation is quite simple; while the vulnerability is associated with Adobe software, it is pertinent to the Microsoft Edge browser due to its Chromium-based architecture. In other words, Microsoft Edge relies on certain Adobe components, which makes it essential to address vulnerabilities in Adobe software to maintain the browser's security.

Incorporating this Adobe CVE into the Security Update Guide signifies that, with the release of Microsoft Edge Version 118.0.2088.76, the browser is no longer vulnerable to this specific Adobe-related threat. Microsoft's proactive approach ensures that even vulnerabilities in third-party software components are promptly addressed to secure your online activities.

How to Verify Your Browser Version

It's crucial to ensure that you are using the latest version of Microsoft Edge to benefit from these security updates. Here's a simple guide to help you check your browser version:

  1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser.

  2. Click on the three dots (...) located on the far-right side of the window. This will open the menu.

  3. From the menu, select "Help and Feedback."

  4. Next, click on "About Microsoft Edge."

By following these steps, you will be able to confirm your browser's version. If it doesn't match Version 118.0.2088.76, it's advisable to update your browser to benefit from the latest security improvements.