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## v8 [26/11/2019] ### Changes - Following the release of MB4, the in-app installer now installs Malwarebytes 4. - Always download the very latest Malwarebytes build - Update Qt to 5.13 branch - Upgrade the build toolchain to Visual Studio 2017 - Update OpenSSL - No longer force the generation of the debug logfile - Support again the very latest versions of the Chrome Browser and allow for proper remediation - Temporarily disable Firefox scanning and remediation - will be added back in the upcoming release - Update translations - Update definitions to 2019.11.19.1 - Completely drop support for Windows XP and Vista. Refer to https://[upcoming-support-KB] ### Bugfixes - Crash when the UI is displayed in Arabic - Make the uninstallation process more robust and less likely to leave traces behind - Make the quarantine process more stable and less susceptible to corruption