To make the translation process easier, we now use [Gettext, a GNU software]( This thread aims to explain how to help to translate [AdwCleaner]( in a very easy way thanks to **Poedit**. Poedit is a free and multiplatform gettext translation editor, with a simple and efficient interface. * Download Poedit from [its official website]( * Install and launch it. ![Poedit main window]( * Go to **Edit** > **Preferences**. In [**General**] tab, set your (nick)name & email and ensure that "Automatically compile MO file when saving" is unchecked. ![Poedit Preferences]( * In [**Advanced**] tab, uncheck "Wrap at xx" and "Preserve formatting existing files". ![Poedit Preferences - Advanced tab]( * Click on "Edit a translation" and open the .po file we gave you by email. The strings to translate appears on the left, and the translated one is on the right. * Before to begin the translation, go to **Catalog** > **Properties** and set the Charset as "**UTF-8 (recommended)**" ![Catalog Properties]( * Finally, select the string to translate, and write the translation in "*Translation*" field on the bottom. * At the end, click on "**Save**" and send us back the same .po file. * You can also edit the .po file with your favorite text-editor ([Notepad++]( for instance), but Poedit makes this process a lot more easier. Translations status : * ar: 100% (Arabic) * az: 100% (Azerbaijani) * bg: 100% (Bulgarian) * cs: 100% (Czech) * da: 100% (Danish) * de: 60% (German) * ee: 0% (Estonian) * el: 100% (Greek) * en: 100% (English) * es: 100% (Spanish) * fr: 100% (French) * hu: 100% (Hungarian) * hy: 0% (Armenian) * id: 0% (Indonesian) * it: 100% (Italian) * jp: 100% (Japanese) * ka: 0% (Georgian) * nl: 100% (Dutch) * pl: 100% (Polish) * pt: 100% (Portuguese) * ro: 0% (Romanian) * ru: 100% (Russian) * sk: 0% (Slovak) * sr: 0% (Serbian) * th: 100% (Thaï) * tr: 100% (Turkish) * uk: 100% (Ukrainian) * vi: 100% (Vietnamese) * zh: 100% (Chinese) Code languages are from [Microsoft website]( If you would like to contribute to one of the languages above or to see a new language in the list, feel free to [contact us](!