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Notepad++ v7.3.1 new feature and bug-fixes:

Fix geneation of MD5 on Unicode bug.
Enhancement : make "Word characters list" customizable.

Notepad++ v7.3 new feature and bug-fixes:

Add MD5 functionalities.
Fix the problem of launch Notepad++ with Admin right after installation.
Fix a problem of recent file history - add to recent file history only if file is removed from all the views.
Get back Find dialog while you lost it (in a multi-screen + laptop configuration).
Fix long hyperlinks truncated problem.

Notepad++ v7.2.2 bug-fixes:

Fix auto-updater setting toggles between startups bug.
Fix "Replace All" button shortcut accelerator in Replce dialog not working regression.
Fix unusual plugin update prompt after upgrade to 7.2.1 version.

Notepad++ v7.2.1 bug-fixes:

Fix x64 installer regression issue - install in "C:\Program Files" instead of "C:\Program Files (x86)"
Fix expanding environment variables regression in backup path.
Make installer Unicode again.

Notepad++ v7.2 enhancements and bug-fixes:

Add option for smart highlighting extension to anothe view.
Fix Installer for 64-bit fails with argument "/D".
Fix uninstaller silent mode issue.
Fix a tab settings regression.
Fix file not saving bug (Ensure backup directory exists).

Notepad++ v7.1 enhancements and bug-fixes:

Fix x64 crash on macro recording.
Fix x64 crash on new language dialog of UDL.
Check plugin architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) before loading.
Enhance Smart Highlighting feature: 1. match case 2. whole word only 3. use find dialog settings for both.
Fix poor performance of hex XML entities.
Reshow CallTip text on separator character.
Skip Auto-Complete self-closing HTML tags (<br>, <base>, <track>... etc).
Fix 2 UI issues for RTL layout.
Fix Folder as Workspace toolbar button inconsist behaviour.
Add option to skip word completion on numbers (default: ON).
Fix bookmarks toggled off's bug.
Sort plugin menu by plugin name.
Installer: Add 64-bit/32-bit old install detection, and old installation removal ability.
Installer: Ask user for keeping user data during uninstallation.
Installer: Fix uninstaller bug to not remove themes files from APPDATA.

Notepad++ v7 new features and bug-fixes:

x64 build available.
Fix the DLL Hijacking Vulnerability of previous versions (by updating NSIS to v3.0).
Auto-updater improvement: periodical check can be disable via auto-update prompt dialog.
Installer enhancement: Check if Notepad++ is running and ask the user to close it before continue.
Enhancement: add conflict detection to Shortcut Mapper.
Fix auto-completion on XML comment <!-- comment --> and <?xml> tag bug.
Fix file saving crash which can be reproduced through a specific way to save file.
Fix a crash issue while UDL's user keyword list is too long.
Fix HDPI issues for some components (task list, margins and shortcut mapper).
Add a new feature(optional) : Close the last document will quit Notepad++.
Add more Change Case variants (Title Case, Sentence case, iVERT cASE, rANdOm caSe).
Add Open file & open containing folder commands on selected file/folder name in text content.
Add Search on Internet command on selected word(s) in text content.
Add Scroll Tab Bar with mouse wheel capacity.
Add commands for moving the current file tab Forward/Backward.
Fix bug of monitoring not working for files under root.
Ruby is supported by Function List.
Added new option: Enable scrolling beyond last line.
Add an option to restore old behaviour (open files in folder) while folder being dropped.

Notepad++ v6.9.2 new features and bug-fixes:

Add most wanted feature: Log Mornitoring (tail -f).
Add new feature: Find in Finder.
Fix status bar display bug in high dpi environment.
Fix open in explorer problem while path contain unusual characters.
Fix smart highlighter issue after zoom or code folding change.

Notepad++ v6.9.1 bug-fixes and enhancements:

Fix bad detection of sub-folder in Folder as Workspace.
Enhancement: Add "Find in files" command in "Folder as Workspace".
Enhancement: Add "Open Folder as Workspace" command in File menu.
Fix "copy" command bug in find result panel.
Improvements for JSON highlighting.
Fix Find In Files progress bar position bug.
Add Ctrl+Shift+Z shorcut for Redo.
FORTRAN 77 is supported.
Fix html tag auto-completion bug.

Notepad++ v6.9 bug-fixes and enhancements:

Add "Folder as Workspace" feature (How to use: drop any folder in Notepad++).
Fix Notepad++ hanging issue while user uses touchscreen to activate Notepad++ window.
HTML auto-close tag enhancement: Prevent <br>, <hr>, <img>, <link> and <meta> from being closed automatically.
Project enhancement: Allows user defined extension to associate workspace file.
Make behavior of SHIFT+END and SHIFT+HOME more consistent when word wrapping is enabled.
Add new API NPPM_SAVEFILE (for plugins) to save any file, not only the focused one.
Add file extensions for FreePascal/Lazarus pascal, lex (as C).
Update keywords for C, C++, JavaScript, Python and YAML.

Notepad++ v6.8.8 bug-fixes and enhancements:

Fix a regression of link style in html/php.
Fix find in files progress window alway on top issue.
Add Debug Info helper feature.
Fix highlighting for tags inside comment problem.
Make editor border edge display optional.
Enhance syntax highlighting for D, Powershell, Lua and Python.
Enhance syntax highlighting of preprocessor comments for several languages.
Improve close button in tab position.

Notepad++ v6.8.7 bug-fixes and enhancements:

Fix crash while "backups and session snapshots" is activated.
Restore file extension feature in save dialog.
Fix crash issue while moving Find In Files progress window.
Fix tab settings not working in javascript.
Fix user customized keywords no effect in Javascript.
Enhance language detection on "Save as".
Add back-quoted string support for javascript.
Move position to center when using "-n" option in command line.
Installer enhancement: Allow user to keep DSpellCheck plugin.

Notepad++ v6.8.6 bug-fixes and enhancements:

Fix function list not working for Javascript regression.
Fix maintain indent not working in javascript regression.
Improve the language detection at the beginning of file content.
Fix possible file corruption during macro playback.
Fix wrong EOL mode for opening/reloading big files.
Fix loading 3 bytes file error due to bad encoding detection (UTF16 w/o BOM).
Fix DocMap not updating issue when switching to user defined language or external lexer.
Fix reload file issue: document marked as unsaved after reloading.
Enhance the detection of EOL: if a document has no EOL for detecting, use EOL of new document settings.

Notepad++ v6.8.5 bug-fixes:

Fix Javascript autocompletion not working regression.

Notepad++ v6.8.4 bug-fixes and enhancements:

Improve document switching performance while folding restoring.
Enhance Javascript syntax highlighting: 2 groups of keywords more for syntax highlighting customization.
Improve auto-insert usability: the open symbols (", ', (, [ and { ) triggers the close symbols according to the context.
Apply new added language auto-detection (for php, xml, html and bash) in the case of unknown file extension.
Add JSON language support.
Fix macro playback inserting/removing characters randomly.
Fix Save All button is still enabled problem while no file to save.
Make file save dialog modern style.
Fix auto-insert for xml comment incorrect insertion.
Fix user command save problem on exit.
Fix macro save problem on exit.
Fix the restoring from system tray problem while running in admin mode.
Fix smart highlighting not working in some case.
Enlarge tabbar height.

Notepad++ v6.8.3 bug-fixes:

Fix a crash issue by using wild card (*) to open files on command line.
Fix the problem of display refresh missing on exit.
Fix plugin shortcut configuration lost problem by using option -noPlugin.
Fix Norwegian localization bad display and wrong encoding.
Fix functionList display problem under high DPI.

Notepad++ v6.8.2 bug-fixes:

Remove Source Code Pro font du to the different issues.
Add back "Notepad++ Community (Forum)" menu item.
Fix a visual glitch on starup and on exit.
Fix "Open in/Move to new instance" issue (to memorize the language and the position).
Fix Preferences dialog loses focus issue while enabling document list panel.
Fix the narrow columns problem in Ascii Insert Panel under a high DPI.
Fix the list items' squeezed height problem in function list panel and project panel under a high DPI.
Fix panel caption squeezed display under a high DPI.
Fixed buffer overrun when opening a recent file.
Make toolbar refresh properly while switching over small/big icons.

Notepad++ v6.8.1 bug-fixes:

Fix the Source Code Pro font making OS hanging issue (for some specific hardware congiguration).
Make current default font (Source Code Pro) prettier by adding its bold, italic and bold-italic fonts.
Fix "Restore recent close file" text disappearing issue for some circonstance.
Fix snapshot file after saving being always dirty problem.
Fix document tab moving by clicking close button issue due to splitter inaccuracy.
Fix a regression of Preferences dialog in which some modified options are not applied immediately.
Fix inconsistant untitled document name issue (new 0 instead of new 1).
Fix Macro buttons on toolbar inconsistant issue at Notepad++ startup.

Notepad++ v6.8 new features and bug-fix:

Settings on cloud feature allows users to write their settings on whichever cloud.
Use Source Code Pro as default font.
Make smooth font optional.
Fix the context menu disappears problem after find in files operation.

Notepad++ v6.7.9.2 new feature and bug-fixes:

Fix JavaScript block not recognized in HTML document.

Notepad++ v6.7.9.1 new feature and bug-fixes:

Fix Hanging on exit of Notepad++ issue (update DSpellCheck for its instability issue).
Add "Google Search" command in the context menu.

Notepad++ v6.7.9 new features:

Upgrade Scintilla to v3.56.
Add Language and EOL conversion context menu on status bar.
Enhance sort lines feature: Add lexicographic and numeric (integer and real) sorting with ascending and descending order.
Add new feature which launches a new instance with administrator privilege to save the protected file.
Fix the context menu not working problem after doing find in files action.
Improve copy (to clipboard) in found results panel.
Improve find in files modal dialog.

Notepad++ v6.7.8.2 bug-fix:

Disable Notepad++ updater (WinGup) under XP.

Notepad++ v6.7.8.1 bug-fix:

Fix "Missing msvcr120.dll" message error (of WinGup).

Notepad++ v6.7.8 new features and bug-fixes:

Fix an annoying regression about message "The buffer passed to GetFullPathName was too small!".
Update WinGup to version 3.0 which has SSL support and customizable User-Agent.
Improve sort lines performance greatly.
Fix tabbar close button usability issue (too small) on a high resolution laptop (Surface Pro 3).
Fix Settings on cloud - Google drive detection error.
Hiding tab bar via command line won't make hidden tab setting be saved in the next session.
Fix a bug of "Jump to next indicator" command.
Fix "File Status auto-detection" settings bug.

Notepad++ v6.7.7 bug-fix:

Fix "Restore last closed file" (Ctrl+Shift+T) display bug.

Notepad++ v6.7.6 new feature and bug fixes:

Add "Restore last closed file" (Ctrl+Shift+T) feature.
Fix Setting on Cloud for dropbox and for google drive not working issue.

Notepad++ v6.7.5 new features and bug fixes:

Add ghost typing feature: launch Notepad++ with the auto-typing text from command line (via command line with argument -qn, -qt or -qf).
Fix auto-insert bad behaviour : under some condition typing " or ' makes erase the further " or '.
Fix the crash issue while user Ctrl + double click on an empty document.
Fix crash bug on loading dropbox settings.
Show progress window instead of a static window during FindInFiles and ReplaceInFiles.
Filename rendered incorrectly on tab bar while it contains '&' character.
Make highlighting (if enabled) follow typing for Incremental search, and add several Incremental search enhancements.
Make keystroke ENTER trigger the shortcut editor dialog in Shortcut Mapper.
Allow drop files onto doc switcher and other side panels.
Installer remembers user's choices of last installation.
Fix Auto-indent in new code block not respecting current EOL bug.
Restore focus to editor when a panel is closed.

Notepad++ 6.7.4 Je suis Charlie edition

Freedom of expression is like the air we breathe, we don't feel it, until people take it away from us.

For this reason, Je suis Charlie, not because I endorse everything they published, but because I cherish the right to speak out freely without risk even when it offends others. And no, you cannot just take someone's life for whatever he/she expressed.

Hence this "Je suis Charlie" edition.

Notepad++ v6.7.3 bug fixes:

Fix a crash issue for old processors due to SSE2 instruction.
Fix the regression for the translation: remap the sub-menu entry for the added command "Mark...".

Notepad++ v6.7.2 enhancements and bug fixes:

Fix the crash issue while config.xml and stylers.xml are not loaded. Fix NPPM_LAUNCHFINDINFILESDLG API regression issue. Prevent auto-insert of {} [] () "" and '' from inserting in column mode. Fix the bug that "Function parameters hint on input" checkbox in preferences dialog is not initialized correctly. Fix saving theme modified styles not working problem (Copy theme files in %APPDATA% to avoid UAC problem). Improve the usability of User Defined Language dialog: reduce dialog's height.

Notepad++ v6.7.1 new feature and bug fixes:

Fix crash issue on GotoLine.
Fix a random crash issue while typing random characters.
Fix the bug of auto-insert skipping feature that ] and } don't be skipped if "auto-insert ()" is disabled.
Add new feature: auto-insert skipping character feature works for "" and '' now.
Fix reloaded file on dirty status issue.
Add "Mark..." menu command.
Fix a regression (broken with compare plugin) due to a new feature of MRU in v6.7 (the feature is removed).

Notepad++ v6.7 new features and bug fixes:

Add Smart Indent feature for php/javascript/c/c++/java/c#/Objective-C.
Enhance Auto-insert feature for {} [] (): typing and skipping }, ] and ).
Add new feature of MRU: While current file is closed the previous activated file will be activated.
Allow users to disable Easter eggs by adding noEasterEggs.xml in Notepad++ installed directory.
Enhancement: Resize column Name filed correctly while hiding column Ext.
Fix Global colours not applied to all text of the "Find result" pane.
Add C# and enhance php parser in Function List.
Fix document list panel has no selection while start up.
Fix docSwitcher bug which shows new 0 after loading a session of files.
Fix crash issue on quit Notepad++ while session snapshot period backup feature is on.
Make "Text Direction RTL" command and "Text Direction LTR" command work without reloading file.
Make document map matches the current text direction (RTL/LTR).
Fix a crash issue while the opened document is deleted/moved from outside.
Fix undo actions on unsaved snapshot file removing the dirty state bug.

Notepad++ v6.6.9 new features and bug fixes

  • Fix comment command bug that the comment symbols isn't set on the first column for Fortran.
  • Add python parson for function List.
  • Make icons' background colour transparent for functionList and projectManager.
  • New feature: Apply new file default settings on created new file (opened via command line).
  • Fix colour picker' chooser bug which does not work well.
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