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Fishing Fun - A World of Warcraft Bot

In World of Warcraft, Fishing is a time consuming task which is simple and so lends itself to automation very well. There are many fishing bots out there. This article describes the bot that I wrote for fun and the problems I solved to make it work.

Why Fish ?

Fishing is a way to catch fish which can be used to cook food, which is used to heal or increase the stats of your character. You can also gain achievements through fishing.

The mechanics of fishing involve casting your line into in-land or sea waters and then waiting up to 30 seconds for a bite, then clicking to loot within a couple of seconds to catch the fish.

Bot running instructions

  • Enable 'Autoloot' (Esc, Interface Options, Controls, Check Autoloot)
  • Turn off Click to move (Esc, Interface Options, Mouse, Uncheck Click to move)
  • Make sure 'Right Click' loots.
  • Put the cast fishing Button on poistion 4 of your Action Bar. I.e. when 4 is clicked fishing will cast.
  • Zoom in completely so your character is not visible.
  • Make sure the fishing float is in the middle of the screen.
  • Fish at close to ground level as you can, not off docks or other high places.
  • It requires that WOW is running Full screen (not windowed) on the primary screen. It needs the wow screen to be on top. So it probably won't work well if you only have one screen. If you need it windowed then I suggest you look at the code in this fork:
  • Sometimes you may need to adjust the colour parameters for the bobber finder, such as during evening time or if there is a lot of red in the landscape.
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